5 Tips to Increase Organic Page Ranking From 247LiveIT

10 May - 2022 By Admin

Here are 5 useful tips from 247LiveIT that you can follow to improve your organic page ranking.

Create a Keyword List

Think about the ways people search for your products or services. What words would they use?  Create a list of keywords that describe what you have to offer and compare how they direct to other sites that reflect those products or services in search results. Keywords having low competition and high volume are the most effective.

Catchy Content

As we know, "Content is King." Good content can win out over organic rankings. High-quality content will attract interest and compel people to share. Focus on creating quality, attractive, unique and relevant content to increase your organic page ranking.

Title Optimization

A title is a concise representation of the content of a page, and it is the first thing that Googles displays within search results. Having a crisp and attractive title is a must. Keep the length concise. When you write your page title, include keywords especially in the beginning. Consider increasing your brand awareness by inserting your brand name in the title.

ALT tags

The ALT tags are considered signals for Google ranking algorithms. When images and other elements are on the web page, it is always useful to use descriptive ALT tags within the targeted keywords.


We all know that blogging can be time-consuming but worth it. Follow the suggestions above when creating blogs to catch the attention of Google search algorithms and to increase organic page rankings.

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5 Crucial Email Marketing Metrics You Need To Track

04 May - 2022 By Admin

There are endless components of email marketing. No matter how well-optimized or well-written your emails, email marketing metrics are critical in gauging success.

Here are five crucial email metrics that you should track as suggested by 247LiveIT, a digital marketing company.


Click-throughs are the percentage of recipients who clicked on one or multiple links contained in an email. The click-through rates are the most common way email marketers track a campaign's success.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are the percentages of email recipients who had clicked on links within an email and finished an intended function such as filling out a form or buying a particular product. When an email link is clicked, the aim is to get the viewer to take action.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rates are the percentages of emails that could not be successfully delivered to the inboxes of the recipients. Bounce rates are for calculating the quality of the sender's emails. When you measure bounce rates, you get a good idea about the quality of your subscribers' list.

Open Rate

Open rates have long been one of the most straightforward and universally used metrics to evaluate an email campaign. Open rates track the percentage of the subscribers who open specific emails. Open rates give valuable insights into the extent of engagement of the subscribers and the level of effectiveness of various subject lines.

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3 Tips to Start an Effective Facebook Marketing Campaign

27 April - 2022 By Admin

Facebook is a valuable platform to build effective customer relationships. Members of a target audience can express their interests on these platforms helping businesses to better market their products and services. Facebook enables businesses to distribute quality product content to prospective customers. If you want to promote your brand or message, a Facebook marketing campaign is one of the best ways to do so.

Here are 3 tips shared by 247LiveIT to create an effective Facebook marketing campaign.

Use A Creative Image And Headline

Use a catchy image and headline to attract your audience. Experts at 247LiveIT recommend that the image and headline stand out from your competitors. Your marketing campaign can then attract more traffic to your websites and channels to increase the popularity of your brand.

Adapt To The Random Changes On Facebook

Social media platforms are constantly changing based on the habits of their users. You must adapt to those changes. Follow Facebook's lead: create your marketing campaign based on the latest trends and requirements of your customers.

Track Performance And Sales

Tracking performance is essential to understanding the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Be ready to make changes to the campaign to improve performance.

A Facebook marketing campaign is now part of most business marketing plans. And, surprisingly, budgets don't have to be huge to be effective.

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4 Tips For Successful Video Google Ads

22 April - 2022 By Admin

Video Google Ads are one of the most common marketing tools used by businesses.

Here are 4 valuable tips shared by 247LiveIT that will help your video Google Ads succeed.

Make the Ads Attractive and Unique

Make your ads unique, appealing and interactive to drive people's attention. The key to a successful video ad is to make the audience forget that they are watching an ad. For example, suppose you are a clothing company. Design a video that offers combinations of clothing and accessories that match different personalities.

Show the Opinions of Real Consumers

Most customers tend to read reviews before they purchase a product or service. Include honest customer reviews within the video ads. These can help increase the credibility and believability of your video campaign.

Don't Make Your Videos Too Long

Experts at 247LiveIT say to keep your videos short, to the point, and emotional. Don't waste time on unimportant content. Make ads crisp, simple and attractive.

A Call to Action is a Must

The goal of all video Google Ad campaigns is to encourage people to take some kind of action. You can add your call to action through texts or graphics. A call to action helps your audience know how they can reach you or buy your products/services.

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Importance of Chatbot Copywriting for Businesses

15 April - 2022 By Admin

The world is flooded with innovative technologies, and they provide us with new opportunities to reach out to potential consumers. The most recent is "chatbots," and the Artificial Intelligence that powers them. 247LiveIT,  a digital marketing agency, says that organizations are using chatbots to improve their communication with customers on websites and social media profiles.

Below are some points shared by 247LiveIT that discuss the importance of chatbots for businesses.

Automated Customer Support

For most industries, the same set of answers can be used for many questions. Chatbot copywriting of these answers can be a time-saving way to answer common questions asked by customers.

Human Resources Saving

The most intriguing thing about chatbots is that they are available 24/7. Employees can then be freed up to tackle more "human" and time-intensive tasks.

Cheaper Development Costs

247LiveIT, a U.S.-based digital marketing agency, says that one of the most significant advantages of chatbots is that they have low development costs while offering a positive experience to customers.

Remember: although AI-generated functions can be a benefit to both businesses and customers, they won't replace humans for answering complex questions or generating other types of communications copy.  

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247LiveIT Achieves Recognition As Google Partner

11 April - 2022 By Admin

247LiveIT, a U.S.-based digital marketing agency, has met all Google Partner requirements. By meeting Google's strict partner guidelines, 247LiveIT staff is recognized as having the latest Google Ads expertise to help clients maximize their online advertising campaigns.

"247LiveIT is happy to receive the Google Partner designation as it shows a high level of skill with Google Ads," says Fahim Abid, 247LiveIT CEO. "The Google Ads platform is an important element of a strong online marketing campaign. We work closely with Google Ads to create the best outcomes for our clients with high-performance standards and minimal client spending requirements."

Google monitors Google Partners regularly to ensure performance levels are continual. 247LiveIT is listed on the Google Partners website at

Based in Chatsworth, California, the agency is certified as a Facebook Marketing, Microsoft Advertising Elite and Amazon Advertising partner. 247LiveIT services include website development, social media platform design and advertising, e-mail campaigns, search engine optimization, graphic design, video content creation and pay-per-click marketing.

For a free consultation on how to build a business brand and sales revenue, call 877-382-0922 or go to Monthly SEO packages are available.

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5 Things To Know About On-Page SEO 

04 April - 2022 By Admin

On-page SEO focuses on optimizing the content in individual web pages so the pages rank higher in searches.

247LiveIT offers these five on-page SEO strategies.

Title Tag Keyword

Add a title tag keyword. The title tag keyword refers to the first line in the browser when the topic is searched. The line will not be present on the webpage itself so the title tag keyword must represent the relevance of the website's contents.

Keyword for the Heading 1(H1) Tag

A H1 tag is necessary for the effective SEO of a channel or website. Add more relevant keywords to get the website noticed and listed higher in a search.

Keywords At The Beginning Of The Website

The website's content needs to provide a compelling, relevant message. Use the keyword at the beginning of the content to immediately pull in your audience.

Avoiding Simple Repetitions

Avoid simple repetitions on the web page using the same keywords. Keywords can be repeated in the content, but when possible, use synonyms for variation.

Use Keywords In Meta Descriptions

A Meta description is a summary of the web page's content. Include keywords. The description is not seen. It's primarily used to describe the website to search engines.  

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What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) And How Does It Work

14 March - 2022 By Admin

Search engine marketing (SEM) promotes a business by placing paid ads on search engine results pages (SERPs). Google and Bing enable advertisers to bid on search words or phrases that users may type while seeking particular products or services. These ads, (which look similar to search engine results) appear along with actual results for those keywords.

There are many ways to display these ads, known as pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Product listing ads or shopping ads are more visual, product-based marketing that enables customers to see essential information such as pricing and product ratings at a glance. Others PPC ads are text-based.

Marketing via search engines has the distinct advantage of placing ads in front of customers who are actively seeking to purchase a type of product or service you offer. No other advertising can compete with search engine marketing for return on investment.

How Does SEM Work?

Your search engine marketing efforts should focus on specific keywords relevant to your organization and those words prospective buyers are likely to type into the search box when looking for products and services similar to yours. To help with keywords, check out WordStream's Free Keyword Tool. Type in the name of your business or service to get a list of relevant keywords that you can include in your search engine marketing efforts.  Word Stream’s Free Term Tool provides you with access to Google search traffic and other stats.

SEM is one of the most successful methods of expanding your company's reach in today's highly competitive marketplace. You'll also want to know which words not to use in your PPC ads or on your website. Negative keywords can keep you from targeting an audience not interested in your product.

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3 Things to Know About Affiliate Marketing

09 March - 2022 By Admin

Are you looking for an effective way to monetize your online content? Try affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when businesses pay others to promote their products or services. When a blogger or other site adds a link to your content, they get a commission for every sale generated as a result of someone clicking on the affiliate link. Affiliate marketing is a relatively simple process but can yield excellent results when done correctly.

Write Relevant Content

Compose relevant content that is valuable for readers. Remember that quality is the key.

First, understand your readers’ USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and give them a solid reason to remain engaged with your content. Study the engagement statistics of your content, and once you find a good strategy repeat the format.

Share As Much As You Can

Once you're set with content, it's time to think about its SEO and strategies to rank your content high in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

When you start composing content for any specific niche, you can also use targeted keywords that search engines look for when deciding how to rank content on the results page.

You can also publish your content for email newsletters, social media posts other media channels for a wider reach.

Follow Data

Analyze conversion rates. A vendor may offer a high commission rate, but if they have a low conversion rate, it may not be worth the effort.  

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Top 5 Website Designing Tips

04 March - 2022 By Admin

Are you looking for tips to become a pro in web design? Business websites create first impressions to consumers and play a huge role in establishing a solid brand reputation. Here are some web designing tips shared from 247LiveIT.

Avoid Busy Color Schemes

With countless shades of colors and hues, you can be tempted to add too much color to a site. Visual noise can overpower your web design. Stick to a simple and relevant color palette. Background colors must be neutral so attention is drawn to other site details.

Don't Forget SEO 

When designing a website, Search Engine Optimization must be kept in mind. To improve SEO through website design, use proper header tags, optimize your graphics to quicken loading times and reduce bounce rates. 

Responsive Design

Rather than focus on complex animation that can slow a site down, design a responsive website by making it user-friendly with easy customer engagement. Your website enhances user engagement with easy navigation, short and crisp copy and readily available information.

Consistent Type 

Keep type consistent so it's not distracting. Font styles and designs must be similar--from headers to footers. Line-spacing and layout must also be consistent, otherwise, the layout becomes confusing.  Consider setting up a "Universal Style Guide" for designers to follow.

Focus On Scrolls Rather Than Clicks 

Users like to scroll more than to click. Consider putting information on a single long page rather than scattering data and descriptions for products/services on different pages. The idea here is to make the user scroll down the page without clicking and skipping to various pages to find product information.

Web design is constantly evolving. To learn more about website design, contact 247LiveIT today for a free consultation at 877-382-0922 or go to

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How To Tackle Negative Online Reviews

02 March - 2022 By Admin

Most consumers who complain online, as in real life, want to be heard. Before attempting to address a situation, sympathize with the reviewer and apologize. Don't criticize.

Explain your understanding of the problem and offer steps to rectify the situation. By showing empathy and offering solutions, many times, you can persuade a client to alter their view and transform a negative into a positive.

Promote Your Company's Favorable Image Tactfully

Explain why the guest's experience is unusual in truthful and non-condescending terms. Include some of your company's qualities in your response if appropriate. Replies are an excellent opportunity to flip the script and depict your company in a favorable light—while still making the client feel heard.

Be Genuine And Personable

You never want to come off as though you're reading from a script. When responding to bad reviews, use your actual name (or first name and last initial), describe your job at the company.

Take It Off The Internet

To prevent an online conversation that everyone can see, always leave a genuine, well-thought-out public remark and then take the interaction offline. Sincerity is essential when responding to bad evaluations. Reaching out to a consumer on a human basis is the simplest approach to be authentic.

A single poor review (or a few) will not always turn off a prospective consumer. That is, of course, assuming everything is done right. Nevertheless, it is something that all businesses must deal with at some point. Keep monitoring online reviews and reply to them promptly.

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