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247LiveIT is a world-class digital marketing agency with top digital marketing experts using the latest tools to advance client success. Services include website development, social media platform design and advertising, search engine optimization, Google Ads and pay-per-click campaigns.

We study each client's overall business, markets and competition. We then build and implement tailor-made strategies to target client audiences and increase the client's presence online and in search engine rankings.

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PPC Marketing

People are turning to online shopping when they want to purchase products or services. Adopting a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model is one of the best ways to increase leads and generate greater revenue.

What is PPC Advertising?

With PPC advertising, a business only pays when a user clicks on its ads in search results. PPC ads are similar in appearance to organic search results except for the word “Ad” is included at the top. This advertising strategy provides substantial exposure to potential customers already interested in the type of products or services the business has to offer. The placement of the ad in the search results depends on the bid amount. While PPC ads can be a highly effective marketing tool, they require smart strategies to meet realistic advertising goals.

Why PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising is the fastest, most cost-effective online marketing strategy. It provides consistent, high-quality returns. Since you pay only when someone clicks on your link, you are more effectively using your ad dollars. Through PPC ads, you can advertise your products and services quickly and easily with a greater ROI.

Website Development

Is your business website falling short of making a mark in the digital space? Are you constantly worried about low sales volume?

Our marketing experts analyze your e-commerce goals along with your existing online sales efforts. We generate online sales with compelling product descriptions, distinctive product images/graphics/videos and efficient shipping and safe payment processing. We offer Live Chat assistance too.

Website Marketing

Online shopping accounts for almost $5 trillion in worldwide sales. Today's customers want more in less time. Customers expect the online shopping experience to be quick and hassle- free. This includes a fast response to customer queries, complete and accurate product or service information, online sales/communication capabilities and intuitive site navigation.

Social Media Marketing

Want more exposure of your company? Get your hands on the right blend of social media strategies.

In today’s epoch, social media marketing in one of the most effective tools that can reach out to your prospective customer in the shortest span of time. If applied correctly, then it can generate massive revenue for your business by boosting the traffic to your website.

How Our Social Media Marketing Helps Businesses

Our social media marketing team mainly focuses to build brand awareness by engaging potential customer through positive visitor interaction and strong advertising campaigns. To increase the conversion rate, our experts target customers based on demographic such as age, gender, race, ethnicity and income. Honestly, we don’t make assumptions but gather appropriate data to hit the right audience. Our strategies are 100% potent in generating authentic lead thereby increasing sales revenue.

Social Media Management Steps

Discovery – We first understand your business thoroughly and its marketing goals, industry and most importantly competitors.

Strategy- After a competitive analysis, we choose the most effective social media platform to fulfill your marketing goals. Our experts identifies which social network does your target audience mostly use.

Implementation - Your social media sites and initial contents are developed aligning all the necessary information and your preferences. Once approved, robust advertising campaigns are executed to upheave the website traffic.

Evaluation – On a continuous basis, our experts evaluate the performance of the social media accounts to track the progress and incorporate changes if and when needed.

Onsite SEO

Want your website to rank higher on Google or Bing? Consider a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

Local SEO

At 247LiveIT, we optimize your website and local landing pages so they can be easily found on Google and other search engine results in the areas you serve (city, county, state). This is especially important for brick-and-mortar businesses that rely on walk-ins.
Local search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns target your potential customers by interests and location. When they search for your products or services, your company appears high in their search results.

National SEO

When branching out nationally, you will go up against hundreds of brands competing for the same customers. How can your company stand out and rank higher in search engine results than your competition? That's where 247Live IT comes in.
We use SEO strategies to expand visibility on a national scale. A correctly constructed national SEO campaign is broad in nature so it will eliminate location-based search query results. We develop and embed keywords and optimize your website content enabling your company site to get the attention of Google and other search engine algorithms.

Google Ad Strategies

247LiveIT helps businesses grow using cost-effective online marketing. Our strategies encompass Google Ads and other online ad placements—all created specifically for each client.

Companies new to online marketing are often confused by online ad campaigns and can waste resources and money on ineffective Google Ads or pay-per-click campaigns. Even those companies with an established online presence can be frustrated by lackluster results. Our digital marketing specialists will analyze your current Google Ads and provide suggestions.

Sometimes, it's necessary to start fresh. We build successful, budget-friendly, multi-platform online campaigns. To measure conversion rates and other metrics, we monitor Google Analytics data and tweak ad campaigns to receive maximum results.

Exclusive Content

What makes or breaks brand awareness? The answer is content. Our content team develops unique and highly engaging content that highlights key features of your products or services.

Professional E-commerce Writers

If you want to build a solid and loyal audience, you have to ensure that you deliver valuable content. We help you create content that is informative and designed/written so readers can engage quickly and easily.
We use strategies to enrich your content--infographics, images, videos and statistical data. And we always ensure that content is 100% original.

Higher Conversion Rate

The main motto of any business is to generate higher ROI and so our team works meticulously to influence customer decisions. We keep your business ball rolling.

Advanced SEO

Content is optimized for search engines. Without content optimization, search engines have trouble finding websites. Our team uses popular terms and long-tail keywords in the content resulting in higher website ranking on search engines like Google and Bing

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247LiveIT is a world-class digital marketing agency with top digital marketing experts using the latest tools to advance client success.

Services include website development, social media platform design and advertising, search engine optimization, Google Ads and pay-per-click campaigns.

Our team of programmers, digital marketers and graphic designers work together to ensure clients stay ahead of their competition when it comes to online marketing and customer outreach.

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