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Top 5 Website Designing Tips

  • 04 March - 2022

Are you looking for tips to become a pro in web design? Business websites create first impressions to consumers and play a huge role in establishing a solid brand reputation. Here are some web designing tips shared from 247LiveIT.

Avoid Busy Color Schemes

With countless shades of colors and hues, you can be tempted to add too much color to a site. Visual noise can overpower your web design. Stick to a simple and relevant color palette. Background colors must be neutral so attention is drawn to other site details.

Don't Forget SEO 

When designing a website, Search Engine Optimization must be kept in mind. To improve SEO through website design, use proper header tags, optimize your graphics to quicken loading times and reduce bounce rates. 

Responsive Design

Rather than focus on complex animation that can slow a site down, design a responsive website by making it user-friendly with easy customer engagement. Your website enhances user engagement with easy navigation, short and crisp copy and readily available information.

Consistent Type 

Keep type consistent so it's not distracting. Font styles and designs must be similar--from headers to footers. Line-spacing and layout must also be consistent, otherwise, the layout becomes confusing.  Consider setting up a "Universal Style Guide" for designers to follow.

Focus On Scrolls Rather Than Clicks 

Users like to scroll more than to click. Consider putting information on a single long page rather than scattering data and descriptions for products/services on different pages. The idea here is to make the user scroll down the page without clicking and skipping to various pages to find product information.

Web design is constantly evolving. To learn more about website design, contact 247LiveIT today for a free consultation at 877-382-0922 or go to

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