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4 Tips For Successful Video Google Ads

  • 22 April - 2022

Video Google Ads are one of the most common marketing tools used by businesses.

Here are 4 valuable tips shared by 247LiveIT that will help your video Google Ads succeed.

Make the Ads Attractive and Unique

Make your ads unique, appealing and interactive to drive people's attention. The key to a successful video ad is to make the audience forget that they are watching an ad. For example, suppose you are a clothing company. Design a video that offers combinations of clothing and accessories that match different personalities.

Show the Opinions of Real Consumers

Most customers tend to read reviews before they purchase a product or service. Include honest customer reviews within the video ads. These can help increase the credibility and believability of your video campaign.

Don't Make Your Videos Too Long

Experts at 247LiveIT say to keep your videos short, to the point, and emotional. Don't waste time on unimportant content. Make ads crisp, simple and attractive.

A Call to Action is a Must

The goal of all video Google Ad campaigns is to encourage people to take some kind of action. You can add your call to action through texts or graphics. A call to action helps your audience know how they can reach you or buy your products/services.

If you have questions about creating video Google Ad campaigns, contact 247LiveIT today for a free consultation at 877-382-0922 or visit

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